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The Children's Garden

In Memory of Tennessee's Children

Killed and Injured By Guns


LOCATED AT: 3812 North Hydes Ferry Rd & Ashland City Highway, Nashville, TN 37209

The Garden focuses attention on children killed and injured by guns. The garden serves as a reminder that Americans will support responsible gun policy and gun consumer protection regulations to reduce child gun deaths and injuries.


The Garden serves as a reminder to those who have lost their love ones by gun violence, accidents, and suicide or had their lives painfully affected as a result of a gun injury.


The garden represents a commitment by Tennesseans to advocate for legislation, policies and programs on the state and federal level, that reduces gun injuries and deaths of children.


The garden also serves as a resource for public rallies to support issues and policies that ensure the safety, health and well being of Tennessee's children and families.


BCI is a non-profit organization under Section 501(C) (3)


Your donations go directly into our efforts to improve the lives of children right here in Tennessee.


We need plants, tools and lots and lots of labor. If you would like to be a volunteer or supporter of BCI or any of its child advocacy projects please complete the Volunteer Form.

The Black Children's Institute of Tennessee

1161 Murfreesboro Pike, Suite 323

Nashville, TN 37217

Phone: (615) 366-5530 Fax: (615) 758-8255


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