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Programs of the Black Children’s Institute


Education and Public Awareness:


The Institute conducts research, collects and distributes data relating to issues affecting children in the juvenile justice and child protective service system, the under-education of children, the status of health and mental health services for children and program/services that are culturally competent. BCI serves as a clearinghouse for information and statistics on children, families and youth programs.


Direct Client Advocacy:


BCI provides information, consultation, referral services and technical assistance to parents, youth, governmental agencies, community based organizations and individuals.


Public Policy and Budget Advocacy:


BCI monitors policies and legislation impacting the lives of children and advises/consults with the legislature, public and private service agencies on the strengths and weaknesses of specific policy and legislation.


Community Mobilization:


BCI sponsors conferences, training, career fairs, community forums and workshops on issues and topics that enhance needed services to children and families. BCI is a member of many local, state and national committees, boards and task forces that

represent children and families.


Good Samaritan Project:


Donates clothing, food, educational materials, household items and office supplies to families, schools and nonprofit organizations serving poor, working poor and needy citizens in Tennessee’s rural



Inventory of Services:


BCI maintains a database of programs and services available to meet the needs of children in Tennessee. Many of the programs in our database are interviewed and assessed for their ability to serve children and families in a culturally sensitive and competent manner.

The Black Children's Institute of Tennessee

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Nashville, TN 37217

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