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Advocating for Children

Children.....An Agenda of Urgency


Signs That A Child May Need Help


  • Afraid and/or avoids certain places and/or people.


  • Physically overly-aggressive Strikes out at others.


  • Has trouble making friends.


  • Has trouble with bed-wetting.


  • Has trouble in school...can't focus on school work .


  • Is often truant from school.


  • Seems tired and sleeps often in school .


  • Has trouble controlling his/her impulses.


  • Has poor conflict resolution skills.


  • Is violent and/or verbally abusive to family & friends.


  • Constantly cries or whines without cause.


     Is overt, quiet and withdraws from other  people.


What Is a Child Advocate?


  • A person who speaks up for children.

  • A person who actively works to help children and enhance their lives.

  • A person who uses their voting power to support issues that protect children and help them to become healthy, nurturing, self-sufficient, law-abiding individuals


How You Can Be A Child Advocate?


Anybody can be a child advocate. Find a organization that is working on an issue that interest you.


Why It Is Important For Children To Have Advocates?


  • Children depend on adults to ensure their safety, health, educational and mental well-being.

  • Children do not vote.

  • Children do not have income to buy what they need.


Some Things You Can Do To Help BCI


      Serve on a committee        Do research and collect data

  • Call or write your legislators        Provide administrative support

  • Assist with fundraising        Assist in program development

The Black Children's Institute of Tennessee

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Nashville, TN 37217

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