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Board of Directors


Johnny Horne, Chairperson
Chattanooga, TN


Vivian Wilhoite
Secretary /Treasurer
Nashville, TN


Marilyn Robinson
Nashville, TN


Memphis, TN


Rev. Charles Charlton
Johnson City, TN


Robbie Jackman
Nashville, TN


Debra Scott Cole
Nashville, TN


Dr. May Alice Ridley
Nashville, TN


James J. Johnson
Nashville, TN


Dr. Donald Boatwright
Nashville, TN


Sall Amadou
Knoxville, TN


Tommy Vallejos
Clarksville, TN


Jaunita Veasy
Executive Director


About the Black Children's Institute of Tennessee (BCI)
















BCI was created in August 1989 as the only statewide African American child advocacy organization in the United States.  The organization serves as an advocate for children of color, and for children who are poor and vulnerable. BCI engages in public information and awareness activities.


The organization develops and assesses programs and program standards for children and monitors for compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations that impact the lives of children.


The Institute conducts research, collects and distributes data relating to issues such as the causes and indicators for children entering the juvenile justice system, the child protective service system, the status of health and mental health services for children and program/services that are culturally competent.


BCI provides information, referral services and technical assistance to parents, youth, governmental agencies, community based organizations and individuals throughout the entire state.


The Institute provides information, consultation and training to parents and direct service providers, which will enable them to adequately and appropriately represent children they are trying to help.


The public policy and budget advocacy component serves as a multi -issue program. BCI monitors public policies and legislation impacting the lives of children and advises and consults with the legislature on the strengths and weakness of specific Public policy and legislation.


BCI staff and volunteers serve on many local, state and national committees, boards and task forces that represent children and families.


BCI Coordinates and network with numerous organizations and agencies representing children and families. BCI maintains a database of programs and services available to meet the needs of children in Tennessee.


BCI has more than 2000 volunteers and supporters across the state, to help achieve its mission. Volunteers provide training, technical assistance and consultation in areas relating to children and families.





The Black Children's Institute of Tennessee

1161 Murfreesboro Pike, Suite 323

Nashville, TN 37217

Phone: (615) 366-5530 Fax: (615) 758-8255


© 2014 by BCI of Tennessee and TEAH Consulting

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